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Q. What are the location covered in your delivery area? 
Love18 uses reliable delivery partner from Japan No. 1 logistic company Ta-Q-Bin Delivery. We are able to deliver to all the major cities across Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bharu at the moment. 

Q. What is the best storing temperature for Love18 Chocolate? 
Please store the chocolate inside refrigerator. Best storing temperature is 

Q. Why the price is expensive compare to chocolate I get from local retail store? 
Love18 First Love chocolate is using all premium quality ingredients import from France. Our main ingredient, Valrhona Grand Crus chocolate is one of the world Top 5 Couverture Chocolates using by most of the top fine dining restaurant and 5-Star hotel chefs. In contrast, most of the chocolate sold in hypermarket are compound chocolate - less-expensive chocolate product replacement made from a combination of cocoa, vegetable fat, and sweeteners.  

Q. You mentioned that you are using premium Valrhona chocolate, why the selling price is cheaper compare to other handmade chocolatier in town? 
We manage to reduce our selling price to 30%~35% cheaper then other handmade chocolatier in town because we do not operate physical retail store. All the saving from physical retail store is pass on to customer, hence we able to sell the premium 5-Star chocolate at affordable price to our customers. 

Q. Why limit the production per flavor per day? 
Love18 believe in “Less is More”. Less production allow us to produce more quality chocolates. Less flavors allow us to focus on perfecting every single product line we produce. 

Q. How fast can I get my order? 
All orders received are produce same day and ship out next day using Cool Ta-Q-Bin logistic company. Our customer will be able to receive the product within 3rd day of placing the order. 

Q. Will the chocolate melt when I get it? 
To ensure our customer can enjoy the fresh and great quality chocolate, all orders are ship using Cool Ta-Q-Bin delivery service with refrigerating 3⁰C. On top of that, we also placed cooling ice-pack in the parcel to further protect your chocolates. 

Q. What make your chocolate different then others? 
Love18 chocolates is 100% fresh, handmade, 100% premium ingredients and it taste extremely smooth in your palate. 

Q. What logistic company you use to ship the products? 
All shipment from Love18 used Ta-Q-Bin Cool delivery service. At this moment Ta-Q-Bin cool service only ship to Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bharu.

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